disabilities annonce“Capacity for establishing a network of Rehabilitation Consulting Centers for People with Disabilities in Bulgaria via training of trainers” – funded by PHARE 2001


The principal goal of the project is to create a sustainable functional network of rehabilitation-consulting centres for people with disabilities (RCCPD) in Bulgaria. RCCPD shall provide training, business-information and consultations for present and future entrepreneurs-invalids, unemployed and transferred to more appropriate jobs for reasons of health and their regional NGOs, municipal organisations and companies. It is going to be carried out via trained within the framework of the project business consultants who are going to train locally, thus contributing to the establishment of a network of RCCPDs. The target group of the project is disabled people in the country and their unions. The project’s main activities include:

* selection of trainees (20 people);

* preparation and carrying out of the training on entrepreneurship, management of NGO projects and consulting skills;

* support to the establishment of regional RCCPDs aiming at setting up a sustainable network.

Amount of the project: EUR 30 510

Dates: 01.12.2003 – 30.10.2004

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