srtmp annonceThe Guidelines introduce the concept and the benefits of SRTMP as a main planning paradigm for the regions named “TRANSDANUBE pearls”.

They describe and explain the essential steps and activities to develop and ultimately implement such a plan. SRTMP requires a long-term and sustainable vision for a region with tourism potential and takes account of wider societal costs and benefits with the aim of “cost internalization”.

SRTMPs are strategic plans designed to satisfy the mobility needs of visitors, as well as of the local population in regions with a strong focus on tourism.

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The concept of SRTMP builds upon existing transport and tourism planning practices and takes due consideration of integration, participation, and evaluation principles. Compared to a SUMP, SRTMP focuses on the vertical (municipality, region, Danube Region) and horizontal (transport & tourism) integration.

The creation and functioning of Mobility Information Centres in touristic destinations are put in the core of SRTMP.

GUIDELINES FOR SRTMP DEVELOPMENT (click the title to download the guidelines)