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The CSDCS team organized together with the Historical Museum - Tutrakan, an interdisciplinary event under the Project "New CoDe - Museum Development Approaches" Historical Museum - Tutrakan, financed by the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria under the PROGRAM FOR RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF STATE, REGIONAL AND MUNICIPAL CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS.

Museum specialists and tour operators took part in the three-day event. The program included the presentation of reports on the development of new trends in museum expositions, as well as a visit to VR expositions in the Information Center, VR expositions in the Ethnographic Museum "Danube Fishing and Boat Building", a visit to the "Tutrakan Epic" Memorial Complex and the new innovative museum.

The purpose of the event is intercultural and intersectoral dialogue in the field of tourism, new trends in museum expositions and cultural products provided by museums.


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