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Representatives from 13 management organizations along the Danube agreed upon the foundation of a “Danube.Pearls” network

On 27 February 2019, 15 project partners from 9 Danube countries visited the city of Pécs in Hungary and discussed the possibilities to found a network of Danube.Pearls. During this meeting, future Danube.Pearls jointly agreed on the necessary steps and decided to establish such a network that will be the basis to continue fostering sustainable mobility in tourism in the Danube region beyond the lifetime of the EU project Transdanube.Pearls.

Altogether 13 management organizations supported by mobility and tourism experts from the whole Danube region came together in Pécs, Hungary to discuss the foundation of a Danube.Pearls network. The representatives of outstanding destinations along the Danube, so-called “Danube.Pearls” reached an important milestone by unanimously agreeing upon the creation of a Danube.Pearls network beyond project lifetime of Transdanube.Pearls. The network will continue to work on the basis of the actions and the cooperation established in the project Transdanube.Pearls. By creating a common platform for 13 destinations from the Danube region, joint marketing activities will increase the visibility of the Danube.Pearls and offer visitors the unique possibilities to travel the Danube with sustainable means of transport. Besides, members of the network will continue elaborating new sustainable mobility services and user-friendly tourism information for tourist and citizens. The official foundation of the network will take place in the course of the final conference of the EU project Transdanube.Pearls that will be organized at Lake Neusiedl, Austria on 13 May 2019.

Blue Danube & Green Paths Travel Guide

In the course of the partner meeting, the tourist travel guide “Blue Danube & Green Paths” was presented. Under the heading “Discover hidden Pearls along the Danube”, this travel guide provides relevant information about 13 Pearls including touristic highlights and mobility offers for reaching the attractions sustainably. Besides, it includes a range of bookable tourism packages such as an organized bike tour from Budapest in Hungary to Kladovo in Serbia. The brochure provides inspirations for tourists to travel to the destinations and informs about the possibilities to travel sustainable from one destinations to the other, by train, bike or bus. The brochure was elaborated by WGD Danube Upper Austria with the support of the project partners.

About the Project Transdanube.Pearls

The EU-project started at the beginning of 2017 and will last for 2,5 years. The Interreg – Danube Transnational Programme is co-funding Transdanube.Pearls with an overall budget of 2.9 million euros. The project is led by the Environment Agency Austria. Altogether 15 organizations from 9 European countries and 24 associated strategic partners are part of the project and committed themselves to the concept of sustainable mobility in tourism. Until the project end in June 2019, each destination will foster sustainable mobility in tourism through a comprehensive set of actions. These include the implementation of mobility information centers and mobility managers, the elaboration of dedicated capacity building measures for local and regional stakeholders and the improvement of information on mobility and tourism for inhabitants and tourists. Additionally, pilot actions on bike rental, carriage, parking systems or cycling paths will be carried out, in order to enhance sustainable mobility along the Danube.

Picture: Representatives form future Danube.Pearls network in Pécs, Hungary

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