TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility. In 2020, TRA takes place in Helsinki, Finland. The Club "Sustainable Development of Civil Society" participates in the conference with a report.

The Role of Education for Sustainable Urban Mobility

The paper covers the current status of the implemented education on mobility management in the frames of the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC Project in Bulgaria, with a special focus on communication and experimentation of sustainable mobility offers. It is intended to overcome the dual structure of overvalued motorized private transport on the one hand and local public transport and pedestrian and bicycle mobility on the other.

Successful mobility management also includes professional marketing that addresses different target groups. The training activities in Ruse encourage various actors, stakeholders and users of public transport and mobility services to adopt sustainable mobility habits in order to make walking and cycling safer and a more desirable way of travelling in the neighborhood and periphery.

Particular emphasis focuses on road safety to raise public awareness and reduce the risk of road accidents.